Welcome to the Yucca Fire District Webpage


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District Information

Size - 124 Sq. Miles

Population - 275

Stations - 2

Personnel - 14

Budget - $279,000

Unit Responses - 185

Fire Board Meetings

The Yucca Fire Board meets at approximately 4:30 PM (16:30), on about the third Tuesday of the month. At the Station 1, Administrative Annex - Public Meeting Room.

Our Mission

The Yucca Fire District is dedicated to providing superior emergency services to the residence of the Yucca Fire District and surrounding communities in their times of need.

Our Objective

The objective of the Yucca Fire District is to provide a cost effective community orientated department. We provide fire prevention, education and 1st response BLS level medical services within our community. Yucca firefighter volunteers are dedicated and train diligently to ensure the highest standards for prompt and professional service.